New Article: Guitar Musicianship 101 by Robbie Calvo

Here is an awesome article written by a fabulous guitarist Robbie Calvo. In this article Robbie talks about some of the many aspects about being a guitar player.

Some of the things he covers are judging yourself too hard, being aware of the human cycle and your playing, professionalism and musicianship.

He also talks about some examples from when he used to teach performance workshops at The Musicians Institute In London. He shares some of his thoughts and techniques for a better performance.

Robbie has a ton of experience with teaching, touring and session work. I met up with him at The Austin Amp Show and saw first hand what a great player he is. He also gave me a sneak preview of his upcoming True Fire instructional DVD called “Sweet Notes”. So check out his first article here on 300guitars entitled “Guitar Musicianship 101” and let him know what you think in the comments section. Maybe we could all encourage him to continue writing  some articles. I’m positive that we could all learn a tone of stuff from Robbie…!!!

Click here to read the article “Guitar Musicianship 101” by Robbie Calvo.