Guitar and Amplifier Wiring Tip

How many times have you started to work on the wiring in a guitar or amplifier and had to stop for various reasons? I don’t like stopping in the middle of a project especially when it comes to amp wiring.… Continue Reading

New Vox Amplug Cabinet

How much smaller can an amp get??? Looks like Ken Kantor has some competition these days with the release of the new Vox Amplug Cabinet!! This little nano-cab was designed to go with the line of Amplug Headphone Amplifiers. The… Continue Reading

Top-Loader vs String-Through Tele Bridges

Most of us up here in the North East are getting hit hard with snow. So you stock up on snacks and “comfort supplies” and get ready to take what mother nature dishes out. After the shoveling is done and… Continue Reading

St. Blues Launches Electric Washboard!

I had to post this…. St. Blues Guitars is making the worlds first production Electric Washboard! It’s called the Woogie Board and it seems that Cody Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars is partners with St. Blues in this endeavor.… Continue Reading

Victoria Amps VIC105 Model

It seems that Mark Baier over at Victoria Amps is going military on tube amps these days. The new VIC105 amp for 2010  is actually housed in a 50 caliber ammunition can. The VIC105 is hand-wired and has switchable single/dual… Continue Reading

Custom Amp Faceplates by Mojotone

If any of you guys are building Marshall type amp clones or derivitives and you want a custom faceplate you can now get them from Mojotone. This will add the personal finishing touch to your custom amps. There are four… Continue Reading

Shipping Guitars During Cold Winter Months

If any of you guys are planning on receiving guitars shipped during the cold winter months then here are a few things to be aware of. These few tips can save your guitar from checking or other damage that could… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club Amp Review!!!

Ok folks here is the written review of the new ZT Club amp that so many of you have been waiting for including myself!! I received a Club amp to review back in early January and I’ve been putting it… Continue Reading

Glen Campbell – Witchita Lineman

Here is a GREAT clip of Glen Campbell performing Witchita Lineman on the Smothers Brothers show. I first became aware of Glen Campbell in the early 1970’s because my grandfather used to play his 8-tracks constantly while driving us around… Continue Reading

Chicken Pickin’ Bend Lick

This is a cool chicken pickin’ bend lick that I like to use. It can be used at almost any tempo but is really effective when played fast. I tried to play it slow so everyone could get it. Let… Continue Reading

How to Wrap Audio Cables

Here is just a quickie video for today. Most of you guys probably know how to do this but for some of you younger players that visit me here may find this helpful. A properly wrapped audio cable (or electric… Continue Reading


Robert in Santa Rosa kept telling me about how great the V-Picks are and told me to check them out while I was at the NAMM show a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I did not hook up with Vinni who… Continue Reading

Question of the Day: How Many Watts Should My Amp Be?

This question of the day comes from Max in Stanhope, PA. He sent me an email asking about how many watts his amp should be. In his email he told me he was looking to get a new tube amp… Continue Reading

New Orange Rockerverb II Amplifiers!

Orange Amplifiers has released the new Rockerverb II. It is based on the previous Rockerverb models with some improvments in both design and features. Some of the new specs and changes include: An enhanced all-tube transparent sounding effects loop,improved tone… Continue Reading

Rate Some of My Favorite Guitars!

Rate some of my favorite guitars! You all know me as being an avid guitar enthusiast….even a guitar maniac at times (like at NAMM..)! I have posted 5 favorite guitars on for everyone to look at and rate for… Continue Reading