KAM Instruments Plug & Play Pickup System

How fast can you swap out pickups in your guitar? An hour? Half and hour? That is a bit long if you want to compare pickups in a guitar. KAM Instruments has designed a plug & play system that allows you to swap pickups in a matter of seconds!

“How is this possible” you say? Simple. Each pickup is mounted to its own module with two right angle 1/4″ jack that plug into the guitar from the back. It’s that simple. You can have many different pickups types and models for your guitar which becomes a chameleon on a session in an instant. “Yeah, but I like active pickups what about the battery”? Again, simple. Each pickup module can house a 9 volt batter in the base so each pickup has it’s own battery. You can even mix passive and active pickups together. I can hear coming from the other side of the room off to the left in the back some mumbling about coil tapping. Say it with me…simple the good folks at KAM Instruments thought of that as well. By using different jacks the module can be set up for coil tapping your pickups. How’s that for versatility??

Rear View
Rear View

“Well Mr. Pennalizer this is great news but what’s the catch”?? Well I’m glad you asked. The only real catch is that you have to select a guitar model that will work with the Plug & Play Pickup system such as: Washburn X series without tremolo eg X50Pro, ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000, Epiphone Les Paul, Fender Telecaster Standard or Deluxe, Gibson  Les Paul or “Strat type guitars” with Kahler bridge. KAM Instruments can provide you a guitar with the Plug & Play system or you can provide your own guitar. If you have a guitar in mind that is not on the list you can contact KAM Instruments to inquire if the Plug & Play system will work with your guitar. No doubt that there is a high level of commitment with a mod to your guitar like this but think about the benefits. My inquisitive, techy mind is going crazy right now…

I think this is a great idea and the Telecaster may be one of the best candidates for the Plug & Play system. The body is both flat in the front and back, no tremolo or electronic routes to deal with and there’s plenty of room for the modules. Really great for someone who loves to experiment with all types of pickups!

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