Limited Edition Pro Co Whiteface Rat Pedal

Remember the 80’s? I sure do. I remember the rig I was using very well. I had a 1959 Fender Custom Esquire in Burgundy Mist, a 1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster, a blackface Super Reverb and a RAT distortion pedal!!! The rig sounded unreal and was way too loud for my gigs but I cared not being a young purveyor of escalating decibels.

Pro Co has actually reissued the original Whiteface RAT that started production in 1985. This limited edition Rat pedal will be produced in a one-time limited quantity and is scheduled to be available around February 2010.

Pro Co has painstakingly researched and designed the pedal as close to the original in both appearance and sound as possible. These details include the original type casing, accurate reproduction of the vintage 1985 RAT circuit and the inclusion of the LM308 chip. This particular chip is believed to be one of the main ingredients to the famous ’85 RAT tone.

So if you want to get your 80’s on you need to get yourself a Pro Co RAT! I still have mine from that 1980’s era kicking around 300guitars HQ somewhere. If you can’t find yours you can get one right from Pro Co.

Click here to visit Pro Co for more information.

  • I love Rat overdrives – i’m not sure if they still do but the Radiohead guys used to use them for their overdrives.

  • This pedal is a fun pedal for sure. I couldn’t believe how I’m so use to seeing a LED now-a-days.. so these re-issues always throw me for a small loop not having a a LED. It’s a great sounding pedal for sure though. That’s cool you still have an original laying around!


  • Matt – I had no idea that the Radiohead guys used this pedal. I’m sorta surprised?