U2’s The Edge Guitar Delay and Rig

I stumbled upon this article about The Edge’s guitar delay because I had to cover a part of a U2 song a while ago. I was sitting with the song “Where the Streets Have No Name” and had to figure out the beginning for an introduction for a corporate event gig. I was really trying to figure it out and get as close as possible. I did not really want to spend too much time on it but I wanted it to sound right.

So take to the internet and do a search. That google thing is kinda amazing isn’t it? so here is the article I found. It is quite lengthy and in-depth just the way I like them. All the ins and outs and nuances are outlined here. If you are into The Edge and all his delays then this will spell it all out for you. I dig him and I found this to be an interesting read as well as very informative. Enjoy!

Click here to read the article “A Study of The Edge’s (U2) Guitar Delay” by Tim Darling.