New Fender G-DEC 3 Amplifier!

Wow folks….this little amp is a really far stretch from the original Fender Woody amps of the late ’40s! It is more than a digital amp in my opinion. It is more like a “computer” amp. Any of you guys following me know that I’m a pretty traditional type guitar player but I’m always curious of any new products. I like my tweeds, blondes, browns and blackfaces but for some reason I want one…! Call me crazy….

There is a ton of features like digital amp and effects models, 100 presets and an extensive library of music to play along with. You can also create your own tones then connect and configure it all with the Fender FUSE software. There is also a built-in mp3 and wav file storage and playback, stereo line outputs, multi-function SD card to store audio content, studio quality recording software and software to practice or play along with classic Fender tones on your computer. There is a 15 watt and 30 watt model.

That’s a lot of shizz in a little package. Play it like an amp, use it to practice and play along with mp3 tracks, record to your computer with it….maybe I don’t want one..! I’m sure the learning curve is not too steep but it may be complicated to use on a gig. Gues we’ll have to demo one in person to check out.