Is Clapton Still Viable? Fender and T-Mobile Think So!

A while back I saw a post on one of the guitar blogs I frequent and the title was “Is Clapton Still Viable”? if I remember correctly. There were many comments left by guitar players and music fans alike. The post struck me kind of funny because so many people know the name Eric Clapton for many reasons.

So fast forward to late January 2010 and pose the same question and you’ll get a big yes from Fender and T-Mobile. It seems that the three have some up with a smartphone that has a sunburst finish and a Fender spaghetti logo emblazoned on it. How’s that for branding….! The new phone will come loaded with some of EC’s songs, Android Market apps and some other content.One app is called “Guitar Solo”. Some sdditional accessories will include Fender-branded shells, a Fender carrying case, screen protector and “Rock Dock” – a docking station equipped with speakers.

We shall now see how viable EC and technology coming together are…..LAYLA….!!!!

*Update* The blog I saw the post “Is Eric Clapton Still Relevant” (not viable) was Guitar Lifestyle. Click here to check it out.

Click here to get more details.