NAMM 2010 – That’s a Wrap!!!

Ok folks here is my NAMM 2010 wrap-up article. It is rather lengthy and I did not mean for it to get so far out of control but I kept remembering all kinds of cool stuff to write about.

I saw so many things in three 8 hour days and I feel like my head is still spinning….! Amps, cabinets, guitars, guitars, more guitars, celebrities and manufacturers all gathered under one roof with 4 floors of goodies.

Anyway, this is the wrap-up closer for my experience at NAMM 2010. I’m sad to sort of close that chapter on my life’s adventure but at the same time I look forward to some more projects and events I have in the works for the remainder of 2010. And hey….there’s always next year! NAMM 2011 will be pennalized again!!! I hope you enjoy the NAMM wrap-up and as always feel free to leave comments or ask questions!

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