The Girls of NAMM 2010

Innovation made Simple? I'd say the message they are sending here is simple!

Hey everybody, It’s Todd here, Billy’s Jack of all Tech, and I think this is a first: a real post on 300guitars!  The only time you hear from me is if something goes wrong, but this time you are hearing from me because something went very right.

Mandy strikes a pose for tunerguard!

For Billy, NAMM 2010 was the ultimate experience, he could barely contain himself because everywhere he looked he found something amazing to see.  Guitars, Amps, Pedals and all sorts of things had his attention.   I was there to support him, but I’m not a guitar guy, I’m a tech and business guy, so not all of it had me fired up.  But, I must say, I found something I DID enjoy checking out:  The beautiful and many Girls of NAMM 2010!

The exhibitors at NAMM have quite a challenge, with more then 2700 of them, covering thousands and thousands of square feet of convention space it’s not exactly easy to bring attention to your booth.  Also, you all know the kinds of people here at the show, equipment maniacs like Billy just bursting at the seams with joy at all the new and interesting products beautifully displayed everywhere.  So, if you are a manufacturer, maybe not too well known, then how do you get people to check out your booth?  There is a very simple answer, the age old honey that brings the male flies by the thousands: attractive girls, dressed in ways that require little imagination as to what lies beneath.

I decided that it was my duty to make sure these hardworking professionals were not ignored by the 300guitars fans who are surely being overwhelmed by Billy’s relentless postings on finishes, knobs, springs, gears and mechanisms.  I made it my task to document every one of the skilled eyeball attraction aces I could locate.  So, without further ado, I give to you:  The Girls of NAMM 2010.

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