Eminence Flux Density Modulation Speaker Demo – NAMM 2010!

I am checking out the ground-breaking, game changing Eminence FDM speakers for the first time. These speakers are absolutely revolutionary in my opinion because you kill two birds with one stone: 1- Great speaker and company, 2- A built in attenuator that has up to a -9dB attenuation which sounds and feels great because it is PART of the speaker. This was the absolute most unique product at NAMM 2010 in my opinion. I can see a ton of practical uses for speakers like these. I hope to see these available in the summer time. All the guys at Eminence are excellent and I am proud to be affiliated with them! Thanks to Chris Rose, Anthony Lucas, Cobi Stein and Wetzel Spears!!!!!

Click here to see Anthony Lucas showing the new Eminence FDM speaker and explaining how it works.