Cool Blog Alert: The Golden Age of Fender: 1946-1970

News flash….I love Fender guitars. Especially the models that were produced between the years of 1946-1970. Well many of you who know me that’s not news at all. But this blog is news and I found it on Twitter of all places. Don’t laugh Twitter is actually very cool and I have met some really great people over there.

Anyway, this blog “The Golden Age of Fender: 1946-1970” is dedicated to document the book project of Martin Kelly, Terry Foster and Paul Kelly. This book will celebrate the genius of Don Randall and Leo Fender from 1946 to 1970. The working title for this book is, “The Golden Age of Fender”.

Here is some info on their blog about the book: “This is not an attempt to re-interpret the history of Fender. The book is a celebration of these truly innovative and iconic pop culture designs. Each page encapsulates the universal appeal of the Fender aesthetic (not just instruments as that is only half the story) and will interest both the average enthusiast and the serious collector. The accompanying text will inform even the most knowledgeable vintage guitar aficionado and yet not alienate the reader purely interested in design”.

“The book is not meant to be comprehensive, but there are a number of holes still to fill. We are looking for individuals with interesting Fender collections who would be willing to have their guitars (steels too!), amps, ephemera (catalogs, tags, manuals, price lists, flyers, signs etc) included in this project. If you interested in participating please email me (see Email Me link in sidebar) let me know what you have”.

I for one am totally interested in this book. Click here to visit “The Golden Age of Fender: 1946-1970”.

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