New Godlyke Providence Effects

Godlyke, Inc. is now the North American Distributor for Providence brand effects pedals and accessories. Providence products are one of Japan’s most lauded brands and are being used by Gus G of the Ozzy Osbourne Band and Robben Ford. Providence… Continue Reading

Eminence Black Mountain Speaker Demo

Here is a video clip of my 5E3 type amp I built with an Eminence Black Mountain speaker. I used my Scott Lentz T-type guitar tuned down to D in standard tuning. I ran my guitar through an Eh Memory… Continue Reading

Jim Campilongo Electric Trio

Check out this clip of one of my favorite guitar players, Jim Campilongo. I love his unique twist on Tele pickin’. His work with the Little Willies, 10 Gallon Cats and Matha Wainright is awesome as well. Just a brilliant… Continue Reading

Gibson Tone Tip on Rectifier Tubes

Here is a cool article about a guitar amps power supply focusing on the rectifier tube. The article explains what the power supply does and how the rectifier tube affects the overall DC voltage. This in turn will affect the… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club Amp Update!

Who besides me is totally pumped about the new ZT Amplifiers Club amp? If you are pumped like me then let me just say that the ZT Amplifiers Club amp is on the way!! I made a video blog post… Continue Reading

Ed Bickert Quartet – You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To

Here’s a clip of Canadian jazz great Ed Bickert. Jazz on a Tele……..nice!

New Article: Tube Amplifier Crackling Noises – What to Look For

There is a new article on the Articles page called “Tube Amplifier Crackling Noises – What to Look For”. In this article I talk about some crackling noise culprits and how to identify them. I also include some remedies that… Continue Reading

New ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Cabinet!

Ok all you ZT Lunchbox owners check this out. The good folks over at ZT Amps have just come out with a Lunchbox extension cabinet! It is the same size as the ZT Lunchbox only it is just a sealed… Continue Reading

New VHT Special 6 Handwired Combo Amp

The new VHT Special 6 is a 6-watt handwired combo (or piggyback head and cabinet) with great build quality and exceptional value. The VHT Special 6 is the first handwired guitar amp with a list price below $300.00!! This simple… Continue Reading

Brian Setzer Orchestra – Jingle Bells!

‘Tis the season everyone. Love this guy and he is a great player. I saw him with the Stray Cats and the BSO a few times. I actualy met him back in the early 90’s on Halloween at the Ritz… Continue Reading

Eminence Black Mountain Speaker Review

There is a review of the Eminence Black Mountain speaker on the Reviews page along with a video demo clip. This is a great sounding speaker for tweed type amp circuits. It will also work well with blackface and early… Continue Reading

Russell Malone – Jingles Part 2

Here is a clip of Russell Malone, Christian McBride & Benny Green doing a Wes tune called Jingles. Warp speed captain!!!!

Brown Note D’Lite 22 Amplifier

Here is a pic of the Brown Note D’Lite 22 chassis that I built a few years ago. It was a great project and in the end you have a very high quality, hand wired amplifier. I love doing projects,… Continue Reading

Check Out twangLINK For Some Really Cool Links!!

Tim over at twangLINK has just included 300guitars on his growing list of link resources. Thanks Tim!! twangLINK is slowly building bridges between musicians, eccentric inventors, non-conformist artists and various creative souls they have come in contact with over the… Continue Reading

Q&A With Scott Lentz of Lentz Guitars

Here is a quick Q&A with Scott Lentz of Lentz Guitars. This is an excerpt from the interview I did with him. 300guitars: How important is the wood when building a solid body electric guitar? Scott Lentz: The wood is… Continue Reading