New TV Jones T-Armond Pickups!

TV Jones introduces the new all-American made version of the Dynasonic/DeArmond pickup. This new model uses magnets produced in America and an improved design to other current production DeArmond type pickups.

The newT-Armond features 2-conductor wiring to resolve out-of-phase issues when combining with other pickups. It is also available in both the vintage style DeArmond mount and P-90 type black or cream soapbar mount .

The new T-Armond pickup debut at Winter NAMM this January in Anaheim, CA and be made available for sale shortly thereafter. Ever hear a Gretsch Duo Jet or 6120 with DeArmonds….? They ROCK!!!!

Click here to visit TV Jones for more info and ordering.

  • Wow! Those look cool. Do you know if these pickups take on the characteristics of P90s tonewise? I may have to put a new guitar together just to demo these. Of course thats just a lame excuse 😉

  • Hi Danny- Thanks for visiting 300guitars! These pickups are just like the original DeArmond Dynasonic pickups that Gretsch used in the 50’s. They do not sound like P-90s. They have a very clear and detailed sound while being warm and fat at the same time. The P-90 has more pronounced midrange and a bit more subdued top end. Listen to early Duane Eddy or some of the Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent recordings. I love these pickups and found them to be awesome for rockabilly, country and even some rock and blues. The Fender Telesonic used these type of pickups. -Billy

  • Hi Billy- I’ve got a New Gretsch 6120DSV with stock Dynasonic pickups which I find to sound very weak and thin, especially when compared to my G&L Asat.
    Do the TV Jones pickups have a fatter sound? – Johnny

  • Hi Johnny- Thanks for visiting 300guitars..!!! I have heard the stock Dynasonic pickups and did not like them at all… I have not heard the TV Jones versions yet but I have the TV Jones Classic Filtertron type in my Gretsch Hot Rod. They sound awesome..!! Really, really nice. I would have to guess that based on my experience with TV Jones his Dynasonic models should sound great. Seymour Duncan also makes custom shop versions of the Dynasonics in case you did not know. If you want to upgrade I think you would very happy with TV Jones imo.

    Let me know if this helps…!!


  • Tom

    I have a a ’67 Fender Coronado II with DeArmond single-coils (probably close to Dynasonics) They are both weak AND microphonic.

    Have you any record that the T-Armonds can be used to replace these?


  • Hi Tom- Thanks for visiting 300guitars..!!! No…I do not have any information about replacing your Coronado II pickups with T-Armonds. I suggest you contact TV-Jones…they will be able to help you out. -Billy