New Boss eBand JS-8 Audio Player

Boss just released their new eBand JS-8 Audio Player. How’s their timing with the holidays…coincidence perhaps? Anyway this l0oks like a cool gizmo for practicing all kinds of guitar styles. Check out some of the features.

The JS-8 is designed for the “bedroom guitarist” who loves to jam to their favorite songs or the pro to use for personal rehearsing. WAV and MP3 files can be loaded and played plus the tempo and pitch can be altered. It has built in COSM preamp and Boss effects so you can dial in your guitar sound. You can minmize the level of vocals or guitar parts with the Center Cancel feature for minus-one playing and record your sessions so you can listen back and either gloat how good you are or realize you need to hit the wood shed some more! There’s even a library of backing tracks plus a built-in tuner and metronome.

Details: Guitar/Mic input with dedicated input control, Headphone output, Custom-tuned speakers for playback, COSM Preamp and 100+ effects derived from BOSS GT-10, 300 audio-loop phrases on-board for backing tracks and rhythms and a USB audio interface for direct link to and from PCs.

Seems like a cool gizmo to me especially the personal rehearsal aspect to build your chops. I could skip around and play a bunch of different styles or concentrate on one that I need to build. Rock out with Jimi and cool out with Grant Green. I could even add vocals if I wanted. From what I have seen the price is right around $399.00. Oh Santa……is it too  late to add something to my list??

Click here to visit the Boss website for more details.

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