MOD Reverb Tanks!

It’s no secret that the old vintage reverb tanks sound better than the latest production units. I for one find that the vintage models have a more “wet” sound and are warmer and smoother sounding. The latest production units sound thin and lack that vintage Lushness we have all come to love.

Enter the new MOD Reverb Tanks that are available right now from Antique electronic Supply. I was curious to find out how and why these modern tanks are better than other current production units. God knows there’s a need for something like this. I contacted Orin Portnoy who is the VP of Sales & Marketing over at CE Distribution and he took a few minutes to give me the skinny on these. Here is what Orin had to say:

“Some of the major differences are that the Transducers are wired directly to their respective RCA jacks as opposed to the current production tanks where Transducers are connected by a detachable plug to their respective RCA jacks. This make the tanks less receptive to any outside interference. The original Hammond Accutronics tanks from the 1960’s were also wired directly to their respective RCA jacks. In addition we have paid very close attention to the spacing and size of the laminations of the Tansducers resulting in a more vintage like tone”.

In the coming weeks I will try to get ahold of one of these MOD tanks and give it an A/B/C comparison to a curretn production tank and a vintage tank I have in my shop. The tone goes on forver and the part never ends….!

Click here to visit Antique Electronic Supply for more info and ordering.

  • Robert in Santa Rosa

    Hi Billy, Can one of these things be retrofitted to an amp that doesn’t have a built in reverb? I’d love to see what the feesability of putting one in my Pignose G40V instead of buying a reverb pedal. As for pedals, what do you think of this Mr Springgy?

  • Bob

    Anxious to hear what you find Billy.
    I wonder how they will respond as compared to the tanks in my newer Fenders. With those it seems you get all or nothing. There’s not much movement of the dial before you get drenched. I wish there was a bigger usable range with those pots. I tried having my ’67 Super Reverb modified with a different pot but it seems like it reacts pretty much the same, just a touch further up the dial.

  • Robert- You need a bunch of circuitry to use the reverb tank. So if you do not have the circuitry then the tank is useless. I have heard great things about Mr Springgy. I tried the Tech 21 RVB and it sounded pretty darn good and I also hear good things about the Boss FRV-1. I am not a big reverb user so I do not have alot of experience with many reverb pedals. I’d say go to a store and try some or start out with an affordable one and buy higher quality ones and compare until you find one you like. -Billy

  • Bob- I think that it is the newer tank that’s causing that issue. The new tanks are really not that great. I am hoping that the MOD tanks are much better. I have a vintage one I keep for Fenders that I sawp in if the amp has a new model. I got it out of an early 70s Twin Reverb and it sounds really nice. I will try to get one soon and check it out. -Billy

  • iKE

    I have tried the MOD tanks! They sound awesome to my ears. I have the 4AB3C1B in a fender and it honestly sounds better than the accutronics that I took out. It’s got a fuller, warmer, smoother sound. Plus, I think the construction on the MODs is better than accutronics.


  • iKE- Thanks for visiting 300guitars and for the MOD tank review. I have not come across for the need for one of these so I have not heard one yet. Maybe someday soon……thanks again! -Billy

  • Andy

    Hi Billy,
    Just found this and need some guidance…the stock reverb unit in my Crate VC2010R (Club 20) has “died”. Thinking about replacing it with a MOD. Any recommendations? Is there a certain one I should use or will any do?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Hi Andy- There should be a number on your tank like 4AB3C1B or similar. You need to order a tank with the same numbers. If you have any questions I suggest contacting the good folks over at Amplified Parts and they will help you out so you get the correct one. There is a link on the right side of my site. -Billy