Q&A With Anthony Lucas of Eminence Speakers

Here is a quick Q&A I did with Anthony Lucas of Eminence speakers. 300guitars: Is it okay to combine two different speakers that differ in sound, wattage rating and efficiency? Anthony Lucas: We absolutely encourage this! You can get a… Continue Reading

Ron Smith Archtop Guitars

Ok, listen up jazz peeps. If you like high quality, hand crafted archtop guitars you should check out Ron Smith Guitars. I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself and playing his fine guitars at the Great Americal Guitar… Continue Reading

New HipKitty Products Glaze Pedal

HipKitty Products has just released a new boost/overdrive pedal called the Glaze. The Glaze brings warmth and clarity to each note and chord plus expands and adds to the upper harmonic content while allowing the lower register notes to retain… Continue Reading

300guitars One-Day Deals!

Don’t forget to visit 300guitars this Wednesday for a rockin’ One-Day Deal! This week features a select Eminence speaker for a one day special price with free shipping! Your speaker will ship right from the Eminece factory in Eminence, Kentucky!… Continue Reading

Satellite Amplifiers Atom Review!

Ok my fellow tube amp tone junkies the full review and video clip of the Satellite Amplifiers Atom model is finally complete. This is a great amp built by Adam Grimm out there in sunny California. 4xEL84’s, 2x12AX7’s and a… Continue Reading

“Piney Joe” at the 2009 Fall Philly Guitar Show

Here is a quick video clip of Piney Joe playing a little slide guitar on a National Reso Electric R1 at the 2009 Fall Philly Guitar Show. Super nice guy from NJ hanging with his buds playing guitars.

New Gibson Angus Young SG Standard

Gibson is releasing a limited run of 250 Angus Young SG Standard guitars. We all know AC/DC for their simple, driving rock tunes. However the new Angus Young SG Standard is anything but simple or standard for that matter. The… Continue Reading

What Are Active Pickups?

What are active pickups and what are the advantages and drawbacks? An active pickup is one that uses electronics to enhance or modify the signal from the guitar’s strings. Unlike passive pickups that are constructed of wire wound around a… Continue Reading

Cool Guitar Alert – Hottie Guitars 327

I found another cool new guitar while cruising the interwebz that will be available this winter. This is the 327 model by Hottie Guitars. Another stripped down rock and roll machine that features a Mahogany, Ash or Alder body, set… Continue Reading

300guitars One-Day Deals!

Ok, listen up 300guitars maniacs and listen up good! Every week I will be offering a 24 hour One-Day Deal on something in the 300guitars Store. We will be starting off with a selected Eminence Speaker which will be announced… Continue Reading

How to Reduce Pickguard Static Noise

Here is a quick video on how to reduce pickguard static noise. Sometimes with a brand new guitar or new pickguard there can be an annoying crackling sound from a static charge that builds up between the guitar body and… Continue Reading

BuildaJam – Join a Band Online!!

Friends, let me tell you that this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This brand new site called Buildajam.com is where you can be in a band online and never leave your house! You can jam… Continue Reading

New Ibanez Ambiance Series Guitars

Ibanez has a new series of acoustic guitars out now called the Ambiance Series. All models in this series feature cutaways, arched backs, Fishman Presys Preamps, balanced 1/4″ and XLR outputs, IvorexII nuts & saddles, built-in tuner and Advantage bridge… Continue Reading

Relax With a Glass of Wine and Your Guitar

After a long day of working I like to have a glass of wine (or two….) and play my guitar. I find it to be very relaxing and I can unwind and process much of the days events. A few… Continue Reading

Go Anywhere With a Voyage-Air!

Any of you players that travel and want to take along a guitar will love the Voyage-Air guitar. There are six Voyage-Air models to choose from. Each model features the Proprietary Voyage-Air Captured Nut, Patented Voyage-Air Folding Neck-Hinge System and… Continue Reading