New Interview With John Gaynor of SoZo Amplification

There is an exclusive interview with John Gaynor of SoZo Amplification on the Articles page. John is the guy that has developed the SoZo capacitor brand that many boutique builders use in their amps. I have used the SoZo caps in many repairs, restorations and custom builds with excellent results. They sound warm, open, clear and smooth along with all the other abstract hyperbole. Simply put, Gaynors SoZo caps ROCK and make your amp sound and feel great. A low cost upgrade to any amp. The only thing you need is a soldering iron, a few tools and some time on your hands.

In this interview John talks about how he got started, what a capacitor actually is, how they affect the sound of your amp and what he’s got cookin’ for the future.

Click here to read the full interview with John Gaynor of SoZo Amplification.