Tune-o-matic Bridge Saddle Intonation Tip

Here is a video showing you how to get more “travel” from tune-o-matic bridge saddles. Sometimes one or two strings need to be either a bit more sharp or flat and by following this easy procedure it will help you with your intonation. Please ask any questions or leave comments!


Let Me Repair Your Guitars & Amps

The 300Guitars Shop

Billy Penn’s 300guitars Shop located at 1L Executive Drive in Toms River, NJ will bring your guitars and amplifiers back to life! Specializing in guitar & amplifier repairs and restorations in New Jersey.

  • Guitar Repairs
  • Guitar Restoration
  • Guitar Amplifier Repairs
  • Custom Tube Amp Building
  • Guitar Pickup Rewinding
  • Guitar Amplifier Modifications

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300Guitars Shop
1L Executive Drive

Toms River, NJ 08755
Phone: 848-218-0362