Luna Guitars Henna Series

While I was perusing my Twitter feed a few days ago I saw a tweet about an artist talking about her Luna guitar. The artist was Julianne and I caught a glimpse of her with a Luna guitar on her itty-bitty profile pic. The guitar caught my eye and I thought I’d investigate.

Turns out that the Luna Guitar company makes some pretty cool artistic looking guitars. There are both acoustic and electric models along with (get this) ukulele’s! You may know from following me on Twitter that I dig the uke and there are some smokin’ uke players out there unfortunately I’m not one of them. ;>(

The creator of these unique looking guitars is Yvonne deVilliers a very accomplished stained glass artist. She has produced award-winning architectural stained glass pieces that she calls “sculpting light”. Her artistic passion went into the design and the unique ornamentation that makes Luna guitars visually stunning. Another unique part of her story is that her mother, Hilda, was actually a bass player for 40 years and Yvonne has been around music her whole life.

I was really pumped when I found the Luna guitars and decided to give Yvonne a call at her creative studio to talk to her about her luminous guitars. Let me tell you that she is one super-nice lady and is extremely passionate about her guitars and answered all my questions with a few good stories thrown in for good measure. I am looking forward to getting a Luna Henna model guitar for review in early 2010. This will be a great way to start off the new year at 300guitars. Stay tuned for more about Yvonne deVilliers and Luna guitars!

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