Paradice Ice Packs

Anyone with tendonitis or hand issues check this out. I found a really cool ice pack that is the best one I ever tried. Its called the Paradice Ice Pack. I have used these tendonitis was flaring up a while back. What makes the Paradice Ice Pack different than a regular ice pack is actually inside the bag.

Instead of having an ice pack with a bag filled with some kind of gel that you can re-freeze many times the Paradice Ice Pack has a bag that is filled with alot of small “balls” that freeze when stored in your freezer. The advantage here is that the small “balls” conform to the affected area and the pack is not stiff or rigid making it difficult to treat the area such as a wrist. The design came from the company owner’s daughter using a bag of frozen peas for a sports injury! Another advantage of the Paradice Ice Packs is that you can use them straight from the freezer. Because of the specially designed shell there is no need for a towel or cloth barrier to prevent shocking the skin.

The Paradice Ice Packs come in a few different sizes and can be used on all kinds of injuries. There is actually a bag and acuff model. You can re-freeze them over and over and the durable shell can handle alot of use. I have been using one for months now and it has helped from bumped noggins to briused knees. Excellent if you have any type of hand issues as well and want to reduce inflammation. Check them out!!

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