Relax With a Glass of Wine and Your Guitar

After a long day of working I like to have a glass of wine (or two….) and play my guitar. I find it to be very relaxing and I can unwind and process much of the days events. A few sips, play some chords. A few more sips, some single note runs. I don’t play anything in particular I just find myself noodling or jamming quietly. Along with unwinding I can come up with some cool new ideas for the following day or the upcoming week.

Now having said all this I do not know a whole lot about wine even though I really enjoy drinking and trying different types. It gets a little daunting as well going into a liquor store or even worse a dedicated wine shop because there are so many choices. I don’t like wandering aimlessly up and down the aisles and being a guy I never ask for help ;>). So what do you do to get a handle on wine so you can enjoy relaxing with a glass and your favorite guitar?

There is this site that’s been around for a while called Google where you can find out a crap-load of info on about just about anything including wine. In one of my searches I came across a site called Wine Library TV hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk. On this site Gary reviews wines almost every day and explains the different types in regular every day terms. Even a guitar player can “get it” when Gary reviews a wine. And the kicker (for me at least) is he’s right here in NJ! So after doing a little more digging I found that he has another site called Cork’d which is basically a community of wine drinkers that rate and compare wines. You can hook up with “drinking buddies” and have your own virtual wine cellar as well. Between these two sites you can learn alot and not feel like it’s above your head or “snooty”.

Now I can pick a Pinot, find a Fume Blanc or choose a Chardonnay to drink during my down time with my guitar. Let the unwinding begin….!

Click here to visit Wine Library TV.

Click here to visit Corkd.

Oh yeah, he wrote a really cool book call “Crush It” too.…. Click here to check it out.


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