Dr. William Wong’s Zymessence Supplement

Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD has a really cool supplement called Zymessence. It is a systemic enzyme supplement that is very effective for reducing inflammation, breaking up scar tissue & fibrosis, cleans your blood, supports your immune system, has anti-aging effects and helps to fight viruses. Now you’re probably wondering why I am making a post about a health supplement on a guitar blog, right? Well this directly relates to guitar players with any sort of hand issues. Your hands can get inflamed from constantly playing guitar for hours on end. Zymessence greatly reduces the inflammation without any negative side effects as compared to an nsaid. I am not affiliated wit Dr. Wong but have contacted him a few times and his responses were always straight to the point and right on the money. Zymessence can also help players suffering with tendonitis and arthritis which is really good news because again there are no negative side effects.

Zymessence in my opinion is the most effective systemic enzyme supplement available. It is not a plant based supplement like other systemic enzyme supplements so it stays in your system much longer. It is very potent so the dosage is only 3 caps per day between meals on an empty stomach. This is a special blended proprietary supplement developed by Dr. Wong.

I have used this supplement for some time now and I can tell you from experience that it definitely works. My hands and related parts of the forearms would get sore from playing about 100 gigs, showcases and rehearsals per year. Plus I would be playing guitars that I was working on in my shop and also playing around the house for my own enjoyment. After incorporating Zymessence into my daily routine the soreness went away in a few days…..literally. Other muscles in my body also did not get as sore from Clubbell or Kettlebell training that I love so much. Any of you guys that like to weight train or do any sort of sports or exercise can benefit from Zymessence for many reasons but here are two main ones that will jive you. 1- Zymessence will reduce the muscle soreness you get after an intense workout. 2- Zymessence will also help you recover faster from your workouts and is protein sparing which helps you stay out of a catabolic state.

Many people that I have turned on to Dr. Wong’s Zymessence have experienced great results. some were musicians, some athletes and some regular folks dealing with some form of inflammation or another. So if you have any type of hand issues that prevent you from gettin’ jiggy on your axe I suggest you try Zymessence. You will benefit in more ways than you know without any negative side effects.

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