New Gibson Dusk Tiger

Remember a few months back when Gibson released the Dark Fire? Well, the new Dusk Tiger (where do they get these names…) is the next Gibson creation and is being called the most astounding innovation in the history of the… Continue Reading

New Interview With John Gaynor of SoZo Amplification

There is an exclusive interview with John Gaynor of SoZo Amplification on the Articles page. John is the guy that has developed the SoZo capacitor brand that many boutique builders use in their amps. I have used the SoZo caps… Continue Reading

Earl Skruggs & Friends – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

I got this Youtube clip from one of my subscribers. Check this out; First of all it’s Earl Skruggs that right there is just plain awesome to me. But the long list of friends include Jerry Douglas, Glen Duncan, Randy… Continue Reading

Why Did You Learn to Play Guitar?

Here’s the question that every guitar player gets asked “Why did you learn to play guitar? For some it’s to be cool. Others to try to be a “rock star”. Then there are the players who just wanted to express… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club Amp Update!!

Here is the latest update on the ZT Amplifiers Club amp. We’re almost there guys!!!

ART For Tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have either tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome then you should check out ART (Active release techniques) developed by Dr. P. Michael Leahy. ART is a patented method to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tennis elbow and any… Continue Reading

Tune-o-matic Bridge Saddle Intonation Tip

Here is a video showing you how to get more “travel” from tune-o-matic bridge saddles. Sometimes one or two strings need to be either a bit more sharp or flat and by following this easy procedure it will help you… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope that today will be the start of a great holiday season for you and your families. Thank you very much for your support and please enjoy the day and c’mon back around tomorrow for… Continue Reading

Luna Guitars Henna Series

While I was perusing my Twitter feed a few days ago I saw a tweet about an artist talking about her Luna guitar. The artist was Julianne and I caught a glimpse of her with a Luna guitar on her… Continue Reading

New Gibson Les Paul Tribute 1952 Model

The folks over at Gibson have just released a 1952 inspired Les Paul Tribute model guitar. To cash in on Les Pauls’ passing Gibson engineers went right to work to design this guitar the way the man himself wanted it… Continue Reading

Junior Brown Guit-steel Master!

This clip is for those of you who don’t know who Junior Brown is. I have been a fan since the 90’s and was blown away the first time I ever saw him. Check him out and let me know… Continue Reading

Paradice Ice Packs

Anyone with tendonitis or hand issues check this out. I found a really cool ice pack that is the best one I ever tried. Its called the Paradice Ice Pack. I have used these tendonitis was flaring up a while… Continue Reading

One Day Deal, November 24th 2009

Ok, that’s it for this weeks One Day Deal. Thanks to everyone who purchased an Eminence Lil’ Buddy!!! See you next Week!!!

Q&A With Dale Krevens of Tech 21

Here is an excerpt from an interview I did with Dale Krevens of Tech 21. She explains the difference between analog and digital technology and the analog vs vacuum tubes. 300guitars: Can you explain the advantages and differences between the… Continue Reading

300guitars One-Day deal!!

Don’t forget to visit 300guitars tomorrow for a rockin’ One-Day Deal! This week features a select Eminence speaker for a one day special price with free shipping! Your speaker will ship right from the Eminece factory in Eminence, Kentucky! The… Continue Reading