Pedalboard Planner Website by Pedaltrain – Build a Virtual Pedalboard!

Ok, so I’m cruising around the the interwebz and find this totally cool website called Pedalboard Planner which was launched by Pedaltrain. On the site you can build a virtual pedalboard to see how all your effect pedals could be laid out. Choose from 5 different Pedaltrain pedalboard sizes and 26 different effect pedal manufacturers and let the pedal arranging begin! When you’re finished you can download it and print it out. Warning: This can be addictive. Do not start arranging pedals if you have somewhere to go.  ;>)

Click here to visit Pedalboard Planner….let the arranging begin!

Click here to visit Pedaltrain website.

  • Heinz

    Hi folks,
    how can I plan my board if there are no Lehle and Emma Pedals. They are so good, they deserve to be listed!

    Thanks, pedaltrain rocks!


  • Hi there Heinz- Than you for visiting 300guitars!!! I agree with you on this. However they are adding pedals all the time so check in with them often. I believe you can contact them and suggest some pedal brands as well. -Billy

  • Joe ray

    what size pedal train should i get, i have a boss-me50, a digitech hot rod distortion, a morly abc selector, a akg wireless and a fender pedal tuner??? thanks

  • Hi Joe- Thanks for visiting 300guitars!!! I would say with all that you want to fit on a pedalboard the PT-PRO 32×16 would be the one to consider. There may be some room left over but it’s always good to have a little extra real estate in case you add more pedals. What power supply are you using to power the individual pedals? BTW- I have an article that will be published next week about individual pedals and multi-effects units. Please let me know if this helps nad if you have any further questions. I am happy to help you out!!!! -Billy

  • the only problem i has was they did not have a ls-2 in the boss section. cant create a board now.

  • michaelandhispedals

    They really need to get Lovepedals effects up here! What a huge oversight . . .

  • Hi!
    First of all thanks for the work that you do,Billy!It helps a lot!

    And what about Fulltone pedals in pedal board planner?
    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the kind words Vlad..!! I would contact pedalboard planner at the link in the post and ask them when the Fulltone pedals will be available.. -Billy

  • samuel

    i think you should add some Tc Electronic pedals, Rockets Pedals and Voodoo Lab pedals, WMD devices pedals.

  • Please add support for ibanez… Tube screamers are super common and I’d love to see one on my pedalboard planner 🙂 thanks!

  • Robert

    Can you add moen gec 9 effect loop system, xotic ep booster and MXR CAE mc 401? That pedals are very great and cool pedals!!

  • Mart1964

    No Marshall or Mooer pedals? Ahh well back to the pen and paper.

    • Kenndrick Marayag

      try inserting xoting pedals, the closest size comparison for mooer pedals

  • Sam Roney

    why does the image page come up blank? I/ve allowed popups, set security low, tried everything I can think of. when I click the button to download the image file, another window/tab comes up that wont load. what am I missing? is there a specific browser plug-in? I have flash, java, etc all current

  • Peter Nyeste

    all of my EHX pedals are missing from the list: EastRiverDrive, Silencer, Switchblasde+
    😀 unlucky me.

  • This is rad. Haven’t heard of these guys before. Nice web tool -they had my Morley Wah so I’m good haha. Cool boards and nice post!

  • Sock Monkey

    Be nice if they would add some more real world pedals or at least the ability to upload a pic of our own.