300guitars Now Eminence Speaker Dealer!!

Hey all you guitar maniacs big news! I am now an Eminence speaker dealer! If there is any Eminence speaker that you’ve had your eye on look no further because they are now available right here with FREE shipping within the continental U.S.A.! Click on the Eminence ad and check all the specs and listen to the sound samples. The good folks over at Eminence are wonderful to deal with and are a wealth of knowledge. If there are models that you are interested in and are not in the store please contact me and I will get the price and availability. The Ragin Cajun I installed in my 80’s Fender Super Champ made that amp really come to life and made it totally gig-worthy and the Red Fang 12″ sounds unreal in a 5E3 clone I have. So click on the ad hop over to the store and check them out! ROCK!!!

You can fast-track right to the Eminence speakers by clicking here.