300 Tip: Lubricate Noisy Strap Locks

Just a quickie for today peeps. I have a Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod model guitar Which I love, love……..LOVE! I do not like the standard Gretsch strap buttons and changed them for Schaller strap locks. Now my guitar is much more secure when I am rockin’ really hard at a gig. But, after having them installed on the guitar for a while they squeak and make a creeking sound. This can be annoying at higher gain settings because the pickups actually ” pick up” the creeking and you can hear it through the amp. I do not want to ditch the strap locks so after thinking about this for a little while I came up with an easy fix. To reduce the squeaking and creeking I used a little bit of beeswax to sort of lubricate where the strap lock part meets the strap button. It helps alot and can be purchased in any hardware store or even in a supermarket. This is the same beeswax that you use lubricate zippers. Apply the beeswax to both the strap lock and strap button and the squeaking/creeking will be gone. I hope this helps out and if you have any questions email me at any time. Also leave comments on the blog with your experiences with the beeswax. Rock on!!!