WD-40 For Arthritis and Tendonitis

I have received a boat-load of emails about my 9-26-09 blog post regarding WD-40 for guitar players and how it relieves hand pain related to arthritis and tendonitis.  Here is a quick video demo answering some of the questions in those emails and how to actually use it. One guy asked if he should snort it.  No, do not snort it!!! Watch the video and see. Please contact me with any questions and post any comments here on the blog. Thanks!!!!

Here is a link to the 9-26-09 blog post.


  • James
  • It worked for me a few years back when I had some hand pain going on. It is not a cure but will get you through your gigs and sessions. A few friends tried it and they felt relief as well. Thanks for the comment!

  • I have already seen this and know about the potential harm. But if you are a working musician and have to perform and make money to pay the rent or feed the family this will get you through it. You should definitely not use it for long term. Active Release Techniques are the proper treatment imo. I have used WD-40 in the past to get me through a few tough spots in a pinch and just want to pass along the tip. Thanks again for the comment!!!

  • mac

    absotulty no scientific reason for this to work. It is a placebo, if someone told you bacon fat would help, it would be just as effective as this chemical poison. All in your heads fellas, it’s all in your heads.

  • Billy,

    Certain properties of the oil create this benefit, however other properties of the petrochemical ingredients in WD-40 aren’t so good.

    Fortunately a variety of herbal bases essential oil botanicals are good for this sort of stuff.

    Health and nutrition retailers commonly stock these oils.

    Ginger oil – Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory
    Peppermint oil – Peppermint is a topical analgesic
    Tea Tree oil – promoted for a variety of conditions
    Capsican oil – Hot pepper oils (watch what you touch!!!)

    Emu oil is an animal based oil that’s becoming more known

    The point is that WD-40 isn’t really unique, but that it’s all about the properties of oils, of which many natural sources can provide a healthier form. As WD-40 is a very popular and widely used product, it was inevitable that this “side effect” of it would be discovered. Essential herbal oils aren’t as mainstream as WD, yet they are very available!

    Also, good call on the arnica gel!

  • Stratoblogster- Thanks for the info! I just wanted to put up a quickie tip to help players get through a gig, session or weekend a bit easier and use something around that many people have hanging around the house. Not meant as a cure or long term remedy. Your info is great and I thank you very much!!! ROCK!!!!

  • I will try this if I ever have an issue in the future! -Billy

  • CheckingThings

    I am not a doctor, but reluctantly tried WD-40 for knee pain. And it worked for me…
    What I found is that there is an active ingredient in WD-40 that is used for animals for joint pain, horses to be specific, called DMSO. It is not approved for humans but it is available. Check this website for more info: http://www.dmso.org/

    By the way, if it was a placebo, it would not fool a horse. There is something to this, but the present carrier of WD-40 contains some things that are not so good for you. Try to get the horse stuff!!!

  • I 100% agree with you CheckingThings. I have tried the DMSO in the past for a different issue and it did work. The WD-40 trick is just for people that are in the middle of a weekend full of gigs or in a string of sessions that need some relief so they can get the job done…..then see a doctor. By no means a cure. Thank you very much for the comment…!!! -Billy

  • John R

    As a chemist, I am appalled by the very dangerous uses being proposed for this product. It does not contain DMSO, as its ingredient list will show. DMSO is a very dangerous chemical all by itself, anyway, carrying substances to the blood that don’t belong there, including anything on your skin, and changing the permeabilities of cells so that the immune system makes antibodies against DNA and other body components. It is a “universal solvent”, dissolving and mixing body components that should never come in contact with one another. Aside from that, and the risk of eye damage from DMSO (cataracts) and hydrocarbons, the usual hydrocarbon dangers obtain, including cancer, liver and kidney damage, nervous system damage, lung damage, and the list goes on. Anyone who would put this on their bodies or inhale its vapors (Read the warnings on the can! Those are only the ones required by law.) should be prepared for its side-effects, now, a year from now, or in years to come.

    If people recommend this to others for these uses, they should be prepared for law suits, and even in some jurisdictions, assault, manslaughter, or attempted murder charges. This is not a game, these are possibly lethal chemicals, and the company has multiple warnings on the can, even though the dangers are many more in number than those listed. The warnings look frightening enough, but remember that they left out things the law did not require them to put on the label.

    And why isn’t WD-40 researching or trying to sell the product’s ingredients for health or other uses? Because none of them can be made non-toxic.