New Kinman P-90 Hx Pickup Now Available!!!

Hey all you P-90 lovin’ peeps. Chris Kinman has announced that his brandy-new P-90 Hx noiseless P-90 model pickups are now available! He’s been down under working on this pickup for 8 years!

Here is how Chris describes his latest creation: “Luscious, Gorgeous, Dynamic, HUGE, Exciting, Magnificent, Versatile, Inspirational and a few other superlatives are words that spring to mind when I think about the P-90 Hx. Of course, these adjectives don’t necessarily apply to other brands. The Kinman P-90 Hx has emerged as the BEST and most versatile tone generating device known to man. But……I’m biased… If you don’t believe me get one and try it yourself.”

Those are some tall claims for sure but based on the performance of his other noiseless pickups I’d say that these are going to be pretty darn good. He has put “a helluva lot of time, effort, money, many late nights and setting up a new factory to produce these tone monsters”. P-90 lovers all know what they sound like as well as just how noisy they can be. It wasn’t until recently that Chris himself invented a new magnetic technology and his revolutionary 600 ohm hum sensor that it was even possible to produce a hum-free P-90 with magnificent tone and excellent dynamics.

If you love P-90 pickups and can live without the annoying hum and noise associated with them then I suggest you check out the new Kinman P-90 Hx. Chris has a ton of passion for his work and that translates directly to his products. His Fender type replacements sounded great in my guitars and I’m sure that the new P-90 Hx will too. Nice one from Kinman!!!

For more information and ordering you can visit Kinman Pickups here.

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