Guitarists in the Military

If any visitors here at are guitarists in the Military I want to here from you!! Send me some email about your experiences, your gigs, your gear……….and thanks for serving!!!!

  • I was in the U.S. Airforce when I learned that I was heading out for the first gulf war. I knew that all I could take with me was two (of the newer and smaller) duffle bags. So, one was for my millitary gear, and one was for extra personal stuff that I would need or want.

    I was learning to play and I needed a guitar with me, so I took an Ibenez electric guitar apart, into two peices, and packed it along in my duffle bag. I didnt have an amp, but in a pinch it was fine without it. In some places all I could take was the neck itself, and I practiced chords and scales with just the neck!

    Great blog by the way. You are very knowlagable in the buisness. I am learning a lot from you, so thanks so much.

  • Kern- Thanks for visiting 300guitars and thank you for serving!!! That is an interesting story. I never thought of practicing with just a neck!!!

    I really appreciate the kind words about my blog. It is my life’s work and I am extremely passionate about it!! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see something here at 300guitars.

    Thanks again and have a great New Year!