Hand Strength for Guitar Players – Enter the Clubbell!

There is nothing worse than your hands getting tired on a long gig or session. After your hands start to fatigue your technique goes out the window and then you cannot be creative because your focus is off the music and onto the fatigue. Here are some excellent tools I found to build hand strength.

A few years ago my hands used to get tired from playing alot of gigs (about 100 per year) plus practicing, rehearsing, showcasing and just ’round the house playing for my own enjoyment. I have always been into staying in shape and trained with barbells and kettlebells which did make my hands strong. But somehow my hands fatigued sooner than I wanted. It was then I learned about Clubbells from RMAX International. They looked very interesting so I ordered up a pair of 15lb Clubbells and Scott Sonnon’s DVD “Clubbell Training for Circular Strength”. In a matter of a couple weeks I noticed that my hands felt stronger and had more endurance. I was stoked! I started to incorporate more Clubbell drills into my training and noticed even more results. After a couple months training my hands did not get tired at all, even on long 2 hours sets!

Training with Clubbells is not like lifting weights or going to a gym. It’s not about bodybuilding or “getting big”. It’s about overall fitness and strength. Each drill has a flow and is not “jerky”. Some other benefits (and there are many) from Clubbell training are increased overall fitness and muscle mass, fat loss, core strength and….hand strength. I also noticed that on long 2 hour sets my back or shoulders do not bother me like they used to. The training is fun and challenging unlike the machines that I find completely mundane and boring at a gym. You can literally train anywhere with Clubbells.

I am affliated with RMAX International because I believe in their products, the benefits of Clubbell Training and the company’s founder Scott Sonnon. If you are interested in learning more click over to RMAX at the link below and check out the Clubbells. You will find the Clubbell link at the bottom ofthe page.

RMAX International for health and fitness.