New BYOC Reverb Pedal Kit!

The good folks over at BYOC saw a need for a great reverb pedal kit and are now delivering!

The new BYOC Reverb pedal kit uses the Belton Digi-Log Reverb module which is regarded by pedal builders to be one of the best digital “spring reverb” modules available. The module’s nickname is “The Brick” because of it’s large, clunky size.

An entirely new circuit was designed around the Belton “Brick” which utilizes its full potential giving guitarists the key features they need and want from a reverb pedal, but still keeping it simple and easy to build. Controls include Reverb Level, Dwell, and Tone knob which allows each player to dial in anything from light hint of vintage type “spring reverb” to giant sounding cathedral reverberation that seems to linger forever. Surf, New Wave, Rockabilly & Garage Rock. The new BYOC Reverb pedal can cover it all.

This should be a really cool project and add versatility to anyone’s pedalboard.

Visit BYOC for ordering details here.