Welcome to 300guitars.com Version 2.0!

 A great big NJ hello to all 300guitars.com readers and subscribers!!! In an effort to connect and engage with you all we have been hard at work redesigning 300guitars. With this version 2.0 as I like to call it, you will be getting to know more about me and my 24/7 passion for guitars as well as me getting to know all of you. I want to know everything! What guitars, amps and pedals you are playing? What kind of gigs do you have? Recording sessions. Who your favorite players are and why. Stories and experiences. I want to know about any and all problems with gigging or sessions so I can help you possibly reduce or eliminate them. I have been playing guitar for almost 35 years making my living for most of those years as a players and almost 25 years experience as a guitar and amp tech as well as having my own brand of amplifiers- Penn Instrument Company.

I will also be bringing you more content. More tips. More stories. More videos. More everything. Please contact me at any time from the links on the Home page. Leave comments on blog posts and talk in the forums. Fan me up on Facebook, Tweet me on Twitter. Subscribe and get a daily update (no spam!) Get the RSS feed as well for daily updates. This site is an intense labor of love for me but it is also for all of you who are caught up in…….guitar mania!

Thank you very much for your continued support and if you have sent me an email and did not get a reply yet I will reply as soon as I can. I am a little behind because of the amount of email I receive in a day. Again thank you very much for your continued support! ROCK!!!