New Kinman Mk-III Stratocaster Pickups Now Available!

 Alrighty zero hum Strat pickup fans, Chris Kinman has done it again! He made his already great sounding (and dead quiet, zero hum) pickups even better. Introducing the Mk-III series, the next generation of his Strat pickups. What is the reason for this next generation of his already great sounding pickups? To make them even better! That’s right the Mk-III’s are better because they are sweeter and warmer producing an even more vintage tone than ever without the noise!

The new Mk-III set sounds remarkably like vintage Strat pickups with the complex alnico character, excellent dynamics and definition even when used with high gain distortion according to Chris. I could post a lot more cliche hyperbole but you get the picture….they will probably sound great just like the previous Mk-II’s.

Click here to visit the Kinman site and read up on them. If you are looking for noiseless Strat pickups with a good vintage vibe then these are totally worth checking out. The sets I have heard were great and completely within the vintage realm.