Analogman Releases New ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay

Mike over at Analogman has released the log awaited new ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay pedal. The new delay pedal is based on the sought after AR20DL. Production is underway with part of the pedal built in China and the final assembly, calibration and graphics performed in Japan.

The new ARDX20 is designed for flexibility as well as tone. There are options available for this pedal but the standard features include up to 600mS of clear delay with very little noise, infinite feedback without runaway volume problems that can damage speakers and tow LED’s that blink in time with the delay settings. Another great feature is true bypass switching.

I heard the ARDX20 at the NY Amp Show and it sounded fantastic. Mike is a nice guy and sure knows what he’s doing with pedals. All the Analogman pedals I have sound great and work extremely well on gigs.

Click here to visit Analogman for more details. There are alot more cool features on this pedal!!