PRS Presents the New Sweet 16 Amplifier!

 The new PRS Sweet 16 amplifier is now available. This new model sports 16 watts of cathode-biased 6v6 power and features spring reverb, treble, middle & bass tone stack, and transparent master volume circuit. The control panel has a bright switch, volume, reverb, treble, mid, bass, and the transparent master volume. Every PRS amp is hand wired and assembled in their Stevensville, Maryland facility using hand assembled circuitry allowing for consistency and durability.Some additional features of the new Sweet 16 include shielded cable for sensitive signal paths, all jacks, switches, pots, and power tube sockets are mounted directly to the chassis and connections are made with flying leads. The output section uses the rugged JJ 6V6 power tubes which are push-pull configured and cathode biased to near Class A. This produces rich harmonic content with all the chime and bloom evident at any volume. There are four preamp tubes: One JJ ECC83S, one current production Tung Sol 12AX7 and two NOS Philips 12AT7s in specific circuit locations. This detail maximizes the clean, open-sounding settings at low volume and the thick crunch tones at high volumes.

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Billy Penn’s 300guitars Shop located at 1L Executive Drive in Toms River, NJ will bring your guitars and amplifiers back to life! Specializing in guitar & amplifier repairs and restorations in New Jersey.

  • Guitar Repairs
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  • Guitar Amplifier Repairs
  • Custom Tube Amp Building
  • Guitar Pickup Rewinding
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