Hand Strength for Guitar Players – Enter the Clubbell!

There is nothing worse than your hands getting tired on a long gig or session. After your hands start to fatigue your technique goes out the window and then you cannot be creative because your focus is off the music… Continue Reading

New BYOC Reverb Pedal Kit!

The good folks over at BYOC saw a need for a great reverb pedal kit and are now delivering! The new BYOC Reverb pedal kit uses the Belton Digi-Log Reverb module which is regarded by pedal builders to be one… Continue Reading

Fender 5F6-A 4×10 Bassman – The Perfect Amp For Guitar?

How many players reading this own or have played through a 5F6-A 4×10 Fender Bassman? A real vintage one or a high quality hand-wired clone not the current production Fender reissue. There is some magic in the 5F6-A circuit and even… Continue Reading

WD-40 For Guitar Players!

Ok guitar maniacs this is a tip that you may not take seriously but it totally works. I have personally tried it a while back and it worked for me. If you have any type of pain in your hands,… Continue Reading

ZT Amplifiers Club 12 Amp Update

Ken Kantor is in China checking in on the new ZT Club 12 model before production begins next month. Here’s the update. Can’t wait to review the new Club 12 amp!!!! Sign up to be notified when the ZT Club… Continue Reading

5F6-A Bassman Amp Tour Video

Here is a quick video I shot of the inside guts of my 5F6-A Bassman clone amp I built about 2 years ago. This is one of my favorite tube amp designs and works very well for my style. I… Continue Reading

Welcome to 300guitars.com Version 2.0!

 A great big NJ hello to all 300guitars.com readers and subscribers!!! In an effort to connect and engage with you all we have been hard at work redesigning 300guitars. With this version 2.0 as I like to call it, you will be… Continue Reading

Site Maintenance – Theme Update

300Guitars is getting a new look! Please forgive any small issues over the coming days as we give ourselves a quick facelift. Also, if you like or don’t like something, let us know by e-mailing us from the top link.… Continue Reading

When Mods Go Bad – How Not to Mod a Fender Amp!

This clip was made by Adam Grimm of Satellite Amps. There are just no words to describe the lunacy of the thought process of the tech that did the mods to this Fender Deville amplifier. Any of you amp techs or… Continue Reading

Get the Amazing ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox!

 Ok folks how many of you 300guitars peeps have been wanting the new ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox? Well now you can stop wanting and get one, pronto. I have made an affilitate sales agreement with ZT Amplifiers because I think that the… Continue Reading

Analogman Releases New ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay

Mike over at Analogman has released the log awaited new ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay pedal. The new delay pedal is based on the sought after AR20DL. Production is underway with part of the pedal built in China and the final assembly,… Continue Reading

New Kinman Mk-III Stratocaster Pickups Now Available!

 Alrighty zero hum Strat pickup fans, Chris Kinman has done it again! He made his already great sounding (and dead quiet, zero hum) pickups even better. Introducing the Mk-III series, the next generation of his Strat pickups. What is the reason… Continue Reading

New Lollar Supro-style Steel Guitar Pickup

 Jason Lollar is at it again over there on Vashon Island in Washington. This guy always comes up with the coolest pickups and they all sound great! So here is the skinny on his latest creation. Jason says that the… Continue Reading

Finish Checking – How to Avoid It!

 Here is a brief explanation aon lacquer checking. You either love or hate it. I happen to love it especially on my Teles! Here is some advice if you want to avoid it. Finish checking are those little hairline cracks… Continue Reading

Matched Output Tubes for Guitar Amplifiers

 There is always alot of talk amongst guitar players about matched output tubes for their guitar amps. It seems that many players have been sold on the idea and pay extra for tube matching. What is this matching all about and is… Continue Reading