Tips on Choosing an Electric or Acoustic Guitar


Anyone can learn to play the guitar. The first step is to actually purchase a  guitar. This article will help you with some tips that will help you with  buying a guitar.

The first things to consider are your budget and preferred style of music.  There are basically two types of guitars to choose from; electric or acoustic guitars. Both have their individual characteristics but are similar. A guitar is a guitar, but the differences between the two can help you make your choice.
Acoustic guitars can be a very good choice for anyone who wants to buy a guitar. With an acoustic guitar you can just pick it up and play for yourself or with other people. Acoustic guitar strings are generally a heavier gauge than electric guitar strings but there are light guage sets available. If you plan to play the acoustic guitar live for a large group of people you can add a pickup or purchase an electric/acoustic guitar from the start with the pickup installed at the factory. You can then plug the guitar into an amplifier or PA system for large live applications. Singer/songwriters often use the acoustic guitar for writing. It  is oftenused in pop, rock, country and traditional music. Acoustic guitars require a bit more care because of their large hollow bodies.
Electric guitars can be used for just about any genre of music. The strings used on an electric guitar are made of lighter gauge steel and can make the electric guitar easier on your fingers. There are many options for the electric guitar. You will obviously need an amplifier keeping in mind that this will add to the cost of the package. The price of an electric guitar can be any where from $100 to thousands of dollars and amplifiers can also be in the same range. There are many accessories that are available such as effect pedals to help enhance your sound as well.
These are the basic differences and should help you make a decision on which what to go.

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