ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox – NY Amp Show ’09 Demonstration

Here is a demo of the ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox from the NY Amp Show. You can read the full Lunchbox review here. For more details and ordering information click here.

Spotlight: Igor Boiko – Ukranian Jazz Master

 There is a new Spotlight feature this month on Igor Boiko- Ukranian Jazz Master. Igor is a master jazz player and instructor. In this interview Igor talks about how he got started playing guitar, his “Laboratory of Professional Education for… Continue Reading

New Danelectro Cool Cat V2 Transparent Overdrive

 New from Danelectro is the Cool Cat V2 Transparent Overdrive. Some features include: 12dB of Clean Boost (with Gain control at minimum), “Under the Hood” DIP switches to select soft, medium or hard clipping, metal cas, metal jacks and true… Continue Reading

Speaker Cones – Repairing Small Rips and Tears

 This tip is about how to repair small tears in speaker cones. You may have a really great sounding speaker with its original cone that has a small tear or puncture. This is an easy repair that you can do… Continue Reading

Orange Amps Squeeze More Into New Crush PiX Models

 With great sound, great looks and packed full of cool features the new Orange Crush PiX range of amps are being upgraded to pack more punch and offer more great value for money.The improved range of Crush amplifiers now extend… Continue Reading

New Callaham CNC Machined Steel Billet ABR-1 tune-a-matic Bridges for Gibson Type Guitars

 We started this project in February of 2009 to solve the problem of a completely inferior bridge material used by Gibson since 1954 and copied by every aftermarket bridge maker since. All ABR-1 bridges and their aftermarket copies have been… Continue Reading

Gretsch Release Two New Country Club Models

    Gretsch has just release two new models for Summer 2009. The first model is the Country Club G6196TSP-BY. This model features Bamboo Yellow urethane finish, vintage-style parallel bracing and sound post, twin DynaSonic single-coil pickups, Synchro-Sonic bridge and Bigsby… Continue Reading

Hanson Pickups Launches New Guitar Line

 Hanson Musical Instruments has announced a full line of electric guitars available in August 2009. Branded as ‘Hanson Guitars’ the initial offerings include 4 solid-body models: The Cigno and Cigno ST based on a set-neck triple-P90 design, and the Firenze… Continue Reading

Billy Gibbons and the ZT Lunchbox Amp on VH1 Storytellers

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip Here is a clip of the Rev. Billy F. Gibbons and a few ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox’s from the VH1 episode of Storytellers. Them Lunchbox’s sound mighty fine!

New Mack Amps – GEM

 Mack Amps is now taking orders for August delivery of their newest product line: the Gem.  The Gem features a new power switching circuit that changes its single EL84’s power output from 4 watts to 0.4 watt, making it a… Continue Reading

The Parts Drawer Launches New Website

 The Parts Drawer has launched a new website dedicated to the free dissemination of information related to vintage guitar parts and their authenticity. The new website allows vintage guitar enthusiasts to submit specific questions about vintage guitars and parts. A… Continue Reading

Gibson Mini-Humbucker And Firebird Pickup: Aren’t They The Same?

 What is the real difference between these two pickups? Check out the article “Gibson Mini-Humbucker and Firebird Pickup: Aren’t They The Same?” on the articles page. A brief but detailed explanation of these two toneful pickups. Click here to read the… Continue Reading

New Limited Edition Gretsch G5120 JimmyC Custom Pin-Stripe Models!

 Gretsch & renowned Southern California hot rod graphic artist, JimmyC have joined forces to produce a LIMITED QUANTITY of guitars. Utilizing the popular Electromatic G5120 model as his canvas, JimmyC created an ORIGINAL retro style design combining both thin &… Continue Reading

Fender to Release Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo Signature Jazzblaster Jazzmasters

         Fender Musical Instruments has teamed up with legendary rockers Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore to release their own signature model Jazzmaster electric guitars. Both guitarists are long time fans of the iconic Jazzmaster, using its unique sound to… Continue Reading

New Fender FRV-1

 A classic reborn – the legendary sound of the1963 Fender Spring Reverb returns as a modern stompbox. BOSS and Fender USA have collaborated to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the legendary ’63 Fender Reverb via COSM technology. The… Continue Reading