Ruokangas Guitars: Project Unicorn Video Diary Part 13 Online!

 Juha Ruokangas of Ruokangas Guitars has posted Part 13 of his Video Diary on the building of his new model the Unicorn. The entire design and build process is being filmed and posted on YouTube for the entire world to see. You… Continue Reading

VHT Releases ‘The Standard 12’ Handwired Amplifier

 VHT has announced the release of the first handwired amplifier from “The Standard Series,” The Standard 12. The Standard 12 amplifier is carefully handwired in the VHT workshop just outside of San Francisco, where experienced VHT designers are looking it… Continue Reading

Announcing The Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut

 Parker Guitars, a leader in technological innovation and originality within the music world, announced today the addition of the Parker Fly Mojo Single Cut to their line of electric guitars. Designed for the professional player, the Fly Mojo Single Cut… Continue Reading

New Takamine Glenn Frey Signature Model

 Country rock pioneer and classic rock icon, Glenn Frey has influenced generations of aspiring musicians with his stirring lyrics, unforgettable melodies and legendary guitar riffs in a career that has spanned nearly 40 years. As a Singer/songwriter, guitarist and founding… Continue Reading

Kinman Noiseless Pickups New California Office

 To achieve faster delivery times Chris Kinaman recently established a presence in California called Kinman USA.   There they have stock of the most popular products ready for immediate dispatch including sets of pickups for Strats and Teles with or without our NoSoldering Harness.… Continue Reading

New DIY Article: Princeton Reverb Conversion

 There is a new article in the DIY Articles page “Princeton Reverb”. It was written by Larry Rodgers of Rodgers Amplifiers. Larry offers expert amplifier restorations, repairs and custom cabinetry. This article explains a few simple procedures to make the… Continue Reading

New David Grissom CD “10,000 Feet” Due March 17!

 The latest release from Texas guitarist David Grissom will be released on March 17th. The album entitled “10,000 Feet” features 11 new songs and an acoustic version of Good Day For the Blues featuring Carolyn Wonderland and Warren Hood. An… Continue Reading

Introducing the Holy Explorer and Gibson USA’s 2009 Limited Run Series

 The first of the 2009 Limited Run Series guitars from Gibson USA – the Holy Explorer – is prime example of Gibson’s imaginative spirit. While the traditional features from the original Explorer design of the late 1950s are all still… Continue Reading

New Weber VST Colored Speaker Baskets

 Ted Weber has gone and done it again. He is always full of surprises. Weber VST is now offering colored speaker baskets. These will add a sort of vintage/boutique look to any amplifier. You can learn more about Weber VST by… Continue Reading

New Lindy Fralin Hum Canceling P-90 Pickups!

 New from Lindy Fralin pickups is the Hum-Canceling P-90! This pickup has P-90 tone without the hum associated with single coil pickups. Options include: Stock set, +5%, -5%, or -10%. Dogear or Soapbar style, Crème or Black cover, Gibson style… Continue Reading

New Tone King Metropolitan

 New for 2009, the Metropolitan is the finest amplifier ever produced by Tone King. It is an entirely new design, with an exciting new sound, driven by the warm resonance, midrange chime, and three-dimensional sound of its new speaker and… Continue Reading

New Burriss Amps DC Cabinet

 Speakers are responsible for a large percentage of an amp’s overall tone. If you get bored with your sound or just want to experiment, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just swap the speaker out of your cabinet to… Continue Reading

Review: Montreux Replacement Guitar Parts

 There is a new review of the highly accurate Montreux replacement guitar parts on the Reviews page. You can learn all about this excellent line of parts here. Montreux is an excellent resource for restoring a vintage guitar or upgrading… Continue Reading

New Michael Bloomfield Aged 1959 Les Paul Standard

 To most guitar and blues aficionados, Michael Bloomfield was more than just a renowned, big-city blues guitarist. A session player who was weaned on Chicago’s legendary south side blues, Bloomfield forever altered American-based blues with his bold and passionate guitar… Continue Reading

Ruokangas Guitars: Project Unicorn Video Diary Part 12 Online!

 Juha Ruokangas of Ruokangas Guitars has posted Part 11 of his Video Diary on the building of his new model the Unicorn. The entire design and build process is being filmed and posted on YouTube for the entire world to see. You… Continue Reading