New Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring

Triple Shot Switching Mounting RingFor years, guitar modders have known the secrets of getting vastly different tones out an electric guitar by changing the wiring of the humbucker pickups. Typically humbuckers are wired in “series,” for the “loud and proud” sound that most folks associate with these popular pickups. But there are additional tonal options available.

For example, one can make a humbucker sound more like a single coil pickup by splitting off one the coils – some people call this “tapping a pickup.” Or, some arrange to have the pickup wired in “parallel,” which lowers the output, raises the resonant peak, and retains hum-cancelling.

How is this electronic sleight of hand accomplished? Usually by mini-toggle switches, push-pull potentiometers, or “super” lever switches. All of these methods have disadvantages: either they offer limited switching options, or they require drilling holes in the top of your guitar.

Seymour Duncan comes to the rescue with the Triple Shot switching mounting ring. This stealth device functions as a standard humbucker or Trembucker mounting ring, but it cleverly hides two small “rocker” switches that allow for a humbucker to be wired in series, parallel, or split – and when split, either coil can be active, it’s up to you. Now, you can make wiring changes without touching your knobs, pickup selector or toggle switches.

Triple Shot is easy to install and works with any four-conductor Seymour Duncan humbucker – or just about any pickups. Just connect the pickup’s leads to a small color coded circuit board which adheres to the inside cavity of your guitar and connect the circuit board to your ground and hot connection. That’s it. Triple Shot requires no permanent modification to your guitar. MSRP $69.00 per set.

Vist Seymour Duncan here for more info. Credit: Seymour Duncan.

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