FluxTone Speakers- Your Amp. Your Tone. Any Volume.

FluxTone Speaker Soon after electric guitars were invented, players discovered that if you turn up your amplifier all the way, not only did it distort your sound, but it added some other “pleasant” tones that were in harmony with what you were playing, (crunch). After some fiddling, adjusting and testing, a perfect “tone” was soon belting out of the speaker!

All of this bliss was quickly interrupted, when some bar-owner, roommate, recording engineer, wife, friend, bandmate, and or neighbor loudly stated “CAN YOU TURN THAT THING DOWN!!!” and, of course, your immediate reply was…” No, I can’t, because it will ruin my “tone”.

For some 50 years now, engineers have tried to solve this conundrum by presenting players with many band-aids, patches, splints, crutches, devices, and various gizmos in an attempt to fix the problem…Now, FluxTone has a truly authentic solution.

FluxTone has a new “system and method” (patent pending), called VMT (Variable Magnetic Technology). When you combine a FluxTone speaker system with ANY tube guitar amp, new or old, the VMT control gives you an adjustment of 25dB that allows you to finely tune the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with no effect on your tone (crunch). It does all this without requiring your amp to do any more work than it is designed to do! Imagine dragging out your old “50 watt plexi head”, turning all the knobs to 10, plugging in your favorite stringed tool, produce that great tone, all the while having a normal conversation in the same room, especially with your bandmates!

For more infomation: www.fluxtonespeakers.com Credit: Fluxtone.

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