New Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring

For years, guitar modders have known the secrets of getting vastly different tones out an electric guitar by changing the wiring of the humbucker pickups. Typically humbuckers are wired in “series,” for the “loud and proud” sound that most folks… Continue Reading

New Yamaha SGB3000 40th Anniversary Guitar

 The new Yamaha SBG3000 guitar commemorates that 40 years ago Yamaha began selling guitars in the United States. This model has never been available in the United States, and only 40 of these limited edition collector’s items will be produced… Continue Reading

20th Anniversary Tech 21 Relic Style SansAmp

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Tech 21 is releasing a special relic style version of their SansAmp Classic. The exterior design is taken from and actual “vintage” SansAmp pedal used on a world tour by a renowned artist. The… Continue Reading

New Fender Band-Master Vintage Modified Amplifier

  Fender tube amps are considered the most treasured guitar amplifiers of all time. Popular models like the Showman® and Band-MasterTM, the first professional tube heads on the market, are considered collectors items today. The Band-Master VM amplifier takes the… Continue Reading

Cool Guitar CD Alert: Greg V – “Tailgate Troubadour”

 If you like swampy roots music and like guitars then this instrumental album by Greg V is for you. Tailgate Troubadour features 12 exceptional guitar laden tracks with Greg playing a Telecaster, Gretsch Corvette, Baritone guitar, Mando-guitar, lap steel and Dobro! It sounds… Continue Reading

FluxTone Speakers- Your Amp. Your Tone. Any Volume.

 Soon after electric guitars were invented, players discovered that if you turn up your amplifier all the way, not only did it distort your sound, but it added some other “pleasant” tones that were in harmony with what you were playing, (crunch).… Continue Reading

New Gibson Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood

The 1954 Jeff Beck Les Paul Oxblood is the most detail-precise reissue of this hallowed instrument ever produced by Gibson Custom. All of the intensively accurate Custom Shop craftsmanship is there. From the one-piece light mahogany back to the accurately-arched… Continue Reading

All New Mesa Boogie Mark 5!

IT TOOK 40 YEARS of Randall Smith’s experience designing high-performance tube amps to get this much TONE under one roof and keep it easy to dial. More than a collection of amplifiers, the MARK 5TM is a living history of… Continue Reading

New Article- NAMM Notables: 2009 Guitar Review

 John Frondelli was at the 2009 Winter NAMM expo last weekend. While galvanting through the many manufacturers offerings he took notes on some guitars that stood out from the crowd. Here it is from a man who was there. You can read the… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Attenuator

 The Ultimate Attenuator is an active attenuator employing proprietary circuitry not found in any other tube power amp attenuator on the market. It can be used with any impedance amplifier up to 100 watt load capacity. Some optional upgrades include… Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan Releases Hot Rails For Tele Neck

Hot Rails is one of the most popular single coil pickup replacements Seymour Duncan produces. They are available for the Strat and, up until now, for the bridge position of a Tele. Upgrading to Hot Rails is like getting a… Continue Reading

Vox Expands Joe Satriani Line With Big Bad Wah!

Following the release of the SatchuratorTM analog distortion and Time MachineTM delay  pedals, VOX expands the VOX & Joe Satriani guitar effects line with the introduction of the Big Bad WahTM dual wah pedal. These pedals are part of an… Continue Reading

New Peavey Vypyr Tube 120H Amplifier!

 Peavey has expanded its award-winning VYPYR Series of modeling guitar amplifiers, the most technologically advanced guitar modeling amplifiers available, to include the new VYPYR Tube 120H Head and matching VYPYR 412 loudspeaker enclosure.  The VYPYR Tube 120H Head features 24… Continue Reading

New Vox Night Train Amp!

The new Night Train is a 15-Watt, all-tube guitar amplifier head offering both classic and new VOX tones in a compact, portable, design. A pair of EL84 tubes deliver 15 watts of power, as two 12AX7 tubes drive the harmonically… Continue Reading

New Boss ME-70!

 A multi-effects unit that’s as easy as a stompbox – that’s the beauty of the new ME-70. The friendly, knob-laden design makes tone creation a snap, but with a powerful COSM® AMP section derived from the GT-10, the ME-70 takes… Continue Reading