Two New BYOC Kits Set For Release In January!

BYOC will release two new kits in January. The Leeds Fuzz and the Overdrive 2.

The Leeds Fuzz is a spot on recreation of the Univox Superfuzz including the NOS Panasonic 2SC828 transistors. The expander knob can take this fuzz from raspy grind to over the top, with tasty octave overtones unlike any other octave fuzz.  The two position tone switch goes from tight scooped out mids to flat EQ with a wide open feel.  It’s almost like having two completely different pedals in one box.  This is the more sought after version of the circuit that has a trimpot to adjust the octave amp. The kit comes with higher
quality components than were used in the originals like 1% metal film resistors and 5% box metal film capacitors, so it’s a little less noisy, but still has N.O.S. Panasonic 2SC828 transistors and germanium diodes to ensure that it has the authentic vintage mojo to get you that sound. Release date is set for 1-7-09.

The Overdrive 2 has alot going on which includes very mod you could possibly do to the tubescreamer, total MOSFET conversion, and a second independent boost channel. The BYOC Overdrive 2 raises the bar for TS based boutique overdrives. It has a 2nd independant boost channel while still easily fitting into a 125b size enclosure to save you precious pedal board real estate. The PCB was designed with the builder in mind, so wiring it up and fitting it into the enclosure is a breeze.  The BYOC Overdrive 2 also comes with parts for all the essential Tube Screamer mods that have proven to be the favorites of guitar players so you can take tone into your own hands and customize the overdrive pedal you’ve been searching for. Release date is set for 1-14-09.

Visit the BYOC website here for more detailed info. Credit: BYOC.

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