Reverend Guitars Releases New Pete Anderson Signature Model

 Reverend Guitars has teamed up with country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson for our first hollowbody. Pete wanted a vintage look, but with upgraded performance that today’s players would appreciate. The satin finish and vintage appointments project a low key “pawnshop prize” look that belies the guitars high performance design… kind of like an old sleeper street rod with a hidden nitrous tank!

All the growl and twang you’d expect from a P-90 loaded hollowbody, but with key improvements: UNI-BRACE: this is a new single brace structure that starts at the neck block and ends with a block under the bridge. It is the full depth of the body, but only about a 1/2 inch wide, and runs under the bass side of the body only. The Uni-Brace creates several advantages: 1) Divides the body into two chambers, greatly reducing uncontrollable feedback at stage volume. 2) Connects the bridge block to the neck block, greatly increasing sustain. This also increases structural integrity, preventing the neck from tilting upwards over time (a common problem with conventional hollowbodies). 3) Stiffens the bass side of the body, which reduces uncontrollable howling and increases clarity of the low strings. 4) Does all of the above, and still delivers classic full-hollow tone!

PLAYABILITY: the neck joins the body at the 15th fret for better high fret access. TUNING STABILITY: The bridge is mounted directly to the top… no more sliding bridge base! The bridge uses low-friction roller saddles, and locking tuners are standard. BASS CONTOUR: Like all Reverend guitars, this one features our Bass Contour control for on-the-fly versatility and tone tweaking. Click here for more information. Credit: Revernd Guitars.

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