Video Page: New Video Content Added to Video Page

 There are two new videos on the Video page. A little more blues and some country funk. More on the way. Enjoy!

Ruokangas Guitars: Video Diary Online!

 Juha Ruokangas has opened his creative process to the world with his Ruokangas Video Diary on YouTube. Juha is in the process of designing a new guitar model and the cameras are rolling every step of the way. From the… Continue Reading

Historic Makeovers for Your Les Paul!

 If you have a Gibson Historic Les Paul guitar and always wanted it to be more correct like the original 1950’s models, Historic Makeovers can make that happen! What they do is take your Les Paul guitar and transform it into… Continue Reading

The Golden Era of the Gibson Thinlines!

 Attention all Gibson ES-335 fans! There is a new place on the web dedicated to the golden era of the Gibson thinline guitars 1958-1964.  The site features specifications, production shipping totals and the history & construction of the Gibson… Continue Reading

Introducing Gibson USA’s new Shred-V Flying V

 Gibson USA’s new Shred-V Flying V-the Guitar of the Month for August 2008-takes the style and attitude of the fearsome Flying V a step further. Two EMG 85 pickups deliver high-ouput, screaming tone, perfect for aggressive hard rock and metal,… Continue Reading

Guitar Amp Speaker: Cone, Magnet & Voicecoil Components

 Did you ever wonder how the Cone, Magnet and Voicecoil affect the tone and performance of a guitar amp speaker? You can read more info about this as well as doping, neodymium magnets and hemp cones in the Spotlight interview with… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Lubricate Your Nuts!

 Here is a simple tip to help keep your guitar in tune, especially guitars with vibrato tailpieces. One of the most common places where tuning problems occur is at the nut. Strings can get “hung up” and not glide through their… Continue Reading

Tascam Releases GT-R1 Portable Digital Recorder

 With TASCAM’s GT-R1, you can plug in and record anywhere. It combines a portable recorder with an instrument trainer for the ultimate songwriter’s toolkit. Record using the built-in stereo condenser microphones, or plug in your guitar or bass to record… Continue Reading

New Brad Paisley Album – “Play”

 You won’t hear a lot of Brad Paisley‘s voice on his next project, just his pickin’. The reigning CMA Male Vocalist has recorded an instrumental album, simply titled ‘Play.’ “It will surprise people,” Paisley tells the Charlotte Observer of the… Continue Reading

Fender Custom Shop Announces David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster!

 For many years, guitarists have clamored for and indulged in much wishful thinking about one guitar in particular-a David Gilmour signature model Stratocaster® based on Gilmour’s famous “Black Strat.” They’re about to get their wish.   In a most eagerly… Continue Reading

Matchless Hotbox Classic

 The Matchless Hotbox Classic is an active two channel tube preamp driven by two 12AX7 tubes. It is point to point, hand-wired in classic Matchless fashion and housed in a heavy duty, polished stainless steel enclosure complete with our signature… Continue Reading

Fender Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic Reissue

 The Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic ’50s boasts cool, classic Fender vibe. Originally conceived as a student-level guitar designed to capture the attention of rock ‘n’ roll 1950s youth, the Duo-Sonic became a sought-after model among collectors, musicians and Fender fans. Squier’s… Continue Reading

Santana Fly Away Contest and New PRS Guitar!

 Santana Fly Away Contest to Los Angeles, CA and meet Carlos backstage after the show! Enter to win a chance to attend the October 3rd Santana show at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA, exclusive passes to the Santana… Continue Reading

Queen Announces Official YouTube Channel!

 QOL are proud to announce the launch of the new Official Queen You Tube Channel! We have launched with a selection of classic Queen videos, plus a couple of Queen + Paul Rodgers live cuts and of course the performance… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day: Adaptor Bushings For Kluson Type Tuners

 So many vintage guitars in the past have been “upgraded” with Schaller, Grover or Sperzel type tuners. While these tuners are a better quality component they do not look like the originals taking away form the factory vintage look and… Continue Reading