Upgraded, Limited True Vintage Hummingbird, J-45, and SJ-200 Now Available!

J-45, Hummingbird & SJ-200 Gibson Acoustic‘s guitar workshop in Bozeman, Montana, is known for crafting some of the finest instruments ever produced in the 120-plus-year history of this storied company, and for fans of great vintage-spec flat-tops the True Vintage series is the cream of the crop. Now Gibson is releasing an extremely limited edition of just 167 pieces each of three selected True Vintage models, the J-45, SJ-200, and Hummingbird, all of which will receive deluxe upgrades worth as much as $1,500.

A Gibson True Vintage acoustic is already the closest thing to hopping into a time capsule and traveling back to the era when your favorite classic flat-top was born, but add these limited deluxe treatments to the brew and each model offers a rare opportunity for both players and collectors. Each Limited Edition True Vintage SJ-200 and J-45 will be built with a top made from solid Red Spruce, a rare and highly prized tone wood, and will be constructed with hot hide glue, just like back in the day. Their sibling the Hummingbird will wear a solid premium Sitka Spruce top with special Cherry Burst finish that matches the finish on the first run of Hummingbirds back in 1960. All will come with a custom-made, period-correct case (recreated from meticulous study of the original cases), and a Certificate of Authenticity. Each will also be labeled inside the body with its individual number within this limited run of 167. Additionally, upon filing his or her warranty registration card, each customer will be sent a specially designed jacket embroidered with the model name of the guitar they have purchased and an embroidered custom-run case cover. Credit: Gibson.

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