Available From Allen Amplification: Point To Point Kit For The Blackheart BH5H Amp!

BH5H Chassis Available from Allen Amplification is a drop in point to point kit for the Blackheart BH5H amp. The Blackheart BH5H which is a very decent amp right out of the box will be even better with the Allen designed drop-in eyelet board featuring (2) Belton molded type 9-pin sockets, F&T axial filter capacitors, 2W metal film plate load resistors and a heavier filtered DC heater supply referenced about 50V above ground for ultra quiet operation. The tone stack has been modified with a combination MIDDLE/RAW control for more tonal variations and more gain to work with. Plate load and cathode resistors are different for additional gain from the single 12AX7 preamp tube. There is a progressive power switch which adds a “standby” capability and a 12 foot right angle IEC power cord to replace the straight 5 foot stock cord. Full size 3/8″ pots and set screw type black barrel knobs are also included upgrades with an option for PEC 2W mil spec pots. A vintage type pilot light holder with jewel is included but the hole must be made 11/16″ for it to fit. The pot holes must also be drilled out to 3/8″ to accept the full size pots.

Also included in the kit are Mallory M150 coupling capacitors, Cornell Dubiliar silver mica treble capacitor, Nichicon 100V rated axial cathode bypass capacitors and insulated Switchcraft metal jacks. A very well made Heyboer 5K ohm paper stick-wound output transformer with paper layered and interleaved windings, grain-oriented M-6 lamination steel and bottom lead exit for a much neater installation than the stock unit. It bolts right on and has the correct color codes for the 4, 8 and 16 ohm taps.

The complete kit as described above and including a layout drawing, parts list, basic installation steps, lead wire and correct metric hardware is $199 plus shipping and includes a JJ EL84 power tube and an Electro Harmonix 12AX7 preamp tube to replace the stock Chinese tubes. No other tech support is provided so you should be an experienced tube hobbyist to take on a project like this. Credit: Allen Amplification.

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