New Weber VST “V-FRONT” Cabinets!

Weber VST is offering tweed style cabinets with the V-Front for added vintage appeal. Each V-Front cabinet has a special V shaped front with the shiny chrome bar reminiscent of the 1947 Dual Professional. Credit: Weber VST. �

Updated Article: Eliminate Unwanted Feedback From Your Telecaster

 The article “Eliminate Unwanted Feedback From Your Telecaster” has been updated. Photos have been added to help illustrate the steps of this procedure. This helpful article can be found on the Articles page.� [shop_ad]

John Lennon and Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor: “Imagine Whirled Peace”

 With thanks to the Lennon Estate, the introduction of the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor “Imagine Whirled Peace” will be debuted with a NYC reenactment of the “Peace Bed-Ins” staged by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969.… Continue Reading

New Article: Chokes: What are they? What do they do?

 There is a new article on the Artilces page called “Chokes: What are they? What do they do”? In this article the small transformer looking choke is simply explained including what it does and how it affects the performance of… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Storing Your Guitar

 Here are some practical tips for storing your guitar for extended periods (over 6 months). First loosen the guitar strings by a half to a whole step. Never store your guitar without string tension! A guitar in storage for an… Continue Reading

Music Rising Presents Icons of Music 2008

 There will be 408 lots in the Music Rising’s “Icons of Music” Sale on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 taking place at The Hard Rock Cafe Times Square benefiting Music Rising. The auction features an array of rare items featuring property… Continue Reading

Steve Miller Band Kicks Off Summer Tour

 Steve Miller will launch a 37-city North American summer tour on May 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida, with special guest Joe Cocker. Miller will touch on every aspect of his multi-faceted music from solo acoustic numbers to hard driving… Continue Reading

Rio Grande Guitar Pickups

 Rio Grande makes electric guitar pickups with “Texas Tone that’s Bad to the Bone”. Founded in 1993 by John Wittroc, Rio Grande pickups are custom wound and seasond to taste in a lo tech/hi thech environment. They offer many different… Continue Reading

KCA N.O.S. Tubes and Amplifier Repair

 Mike Kropotkin of KCA N.O.S. Tubes and Amplifier Repair has a large selection of high quality New Old Stock tubes. Everything from the coveted Mullard GZ34 rectifier tubes to Tung Sol 5881’s. Current production tubes are also on the stock… Continue Reading

Studio Slips: Custom Covers And Bags

 Studio Slips makes custom made covers and bags for the ultimate protection for your gear. All products are custom made to order. There are three different types of covers with each offering more protection. The Clamshell Gig Bag offers the best protection because… Continue Reading

New Glendale Hardtail Bridge Coming Soon!

 The new Glendale stainless steel Hardtail bridge-plate will retrofit most Stat type guitars without any modifications. The bridge-plates will be available in a retro/custom finish. An un-polished bridge-plate is pictured. Any set of Glendale saddles will work with the new… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Avoiding Output Transformer Damage

 Never run your tube guitar amp without a speaker or dummy load connected to the speaker output jacks! In doing so you can do irreparable damage your output transformer and other components. The output transformer needs to “see” a load which is… Continue Reading

New Article: Guitar Terms And Their Meaning

There is a new article on the Articles page “Guitar Terms And Their Meaning“. This is an alphabetical list of guitar terms that are often used with a brief exlanation. Each term has a link to photos to further explain… Continue Reading

New Duesenberg “Doozy one” Guitar Amp

 New in Duesenberg’s product line is a pure Class AB full-tube amp with spring reverb and “Master/Non Master volume” push function. The “Doozy one” is hand-wired in the old traditional way. Some of the features & specifications are 20 watt… Continue Reading

Warmoth: Custom Guitar Necks and Bodies Direct From The Factory!

 Upgrade your guitar or build your own with Warmoth Custom Replacement Guitar and Bass Bodies, Necks, and Pickguards! Pickups from Seymour Duncan, Rio Grande, and Lindy Fralin, and hardware from Schaller, Gotoh, Floyd Rose, Planet Waves are available and more! Warmoth has the… Continue Reading