New Page: Spotlight – Technician John R. Frondelli is proud to announce the launch of a new page called “Spotlight”. A tech, artist, manufacturer or the like will be featured periodically with an in-depth look and interview. Our first Spotlight features John R. Frondelli the Technical Services Director of… Continue Reading

Joe Satriani & VOX Satchurator Distortion Pedal

Drawing on Joe Satriani’s knowledge accumulated from decades of groundbreaking performances, both live and in the studio, VOX unveils a breakthrough in guitar tone – The SatchuratorTM distortion pedal. Designed to Satriani’s exact specifications. The Satchurator produces Satriani’s signature tone… Continue Reading

New: Ampeg AGM100 Guitar

The Ampeg AMG100 electric guitars are wood-bodied iterations of the  ADA6 Dan Armstrong “Plexi” guitar. They feature the same specifications as the ADA6, and are crafted from traditional vintage electric guitar tone woods. With 24 frets clear of the unique symmetrical… Continue Reading

Hughes & Kettner: Turn your mobile into a hip and handy guitar tool!

  The Hughes & Kettner  Chord Finder knows all the standard guitar chords and shows their variants in tablature format. You can even audition the chord played with different clean and overdrive sounds at the touch of a button! Now… Continue Reading

Tone: What Strings Have To Do With It

 From the Gibson Lifestyle Page: “Many guitarists think about strings more in relation to feel than to sound, and put little consideration into elements of their strings’ make-up other than seeking a thickness-or gauge-that feels good to their fingertips and… Continue Reading

The Peavey Custom Shop

  Revolutionizing the way we hear and play music is a never-ending quest for Hartley Peavey.From the beginning, the Peavey musical instrument program has taken his famous maxim, “To be better, you must be different,” as a call to arms,… Continue Reading

Tuesday’s Tip Of The Day: Super Glue

Always keep a tube of Krazy Glue or another brand of cyanoacrylate super glue handy in your gig bag. While it has literally hundreds of uses, a good reason for guitar players to have handy is to repair broken fingernails… Continue Reading

New Article: What is RoHS Compliance, and What Does It Mean To Musicians?

This article by John R. Frondelli brings attention to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) restrictions on the manufacturing of musical equipment. It also adresses how manufacturing affects our planet and what is being done to decrease earthly contamination. [shop_ad]

The World’s Thinnest Jazz Guitar Pickup!

Kent Armstrong has successfully reduced a traditional jazz humbucker to 1/2 of its original thickness while preserving the tone. At only 3/8″, these pickups will fit practically any guitar – no matter the distance between top and fingerboard. Both neck… Continue Reading

Mackie Hotwire VT12

Great Tone. Flexibility. Portability. These are all very compelling words when it comes to guitar amps. Until now, they’ve been just that: words. It was in this conundrum that Greg Mackie saw the opportunity to once again be a major… Continue Reading

Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

The Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus is an enormously powerful 19″ rack mountable effects unit that encompasses digital recording, sampling and digital delay. With a total of 198 seconds of memory time on-board (16mb), the capability to layer up to… Continue Reading

New TV Jones Guitar: Model 10

 The new TV Jones Model 10 guitar will be available later this spring. High end factory production will be necessary to meet the overwhelming response and unexpected demand for the new model. Some features include TV Jones Classic pickups, Sperzel… Continue Reading

Article Update: Tendonitis And Guitar Players

  The article “Tendonitis And Guitar Players: A Natural Cure” has been updated. Information about a more effective enzyme product called Sorenzyme has been added about it. [shop_ad]

Review: Ibanez AF105-NT Archtop Jazz Guitar

The Ibanez AF105-NT review is posted on the Reviews page. A great bang for the buck guitar.

New Article: The In’s and Out’s of Tremolo

There is a new article “The In’s and Out’s of Tremolo” by John R. Frondelli on the Articles page. In this article the Tremolo effect that is built into many vintage amps is thoroughly explained. [shop_ad]